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Client Testimonials


"We selected Reflexis due to the functionality of its software, the company's track record of rapid, successful implementations, and its reputation for providing a high level of customer service."

Maria Fidelibus
Vice President of Technology
Pepboys Auto

"Reflexis is a flexible, thinking, responsive partner of ours. Their CEO listens to his clients and has built his product suite based on our collective feedback. They are the best company we have ever worked with...very responsive and they have great products."

Seth Wilcox
AVP, Operations & Administration
The Home Depot

"Using this technology, we are channeling our field managers' energies towards the right things at the right time."

Debbyn Milligan
Senior Director of Operations

"Reflexis was chosen primarily because of its ease of use and functionality, but also its scalability. Reflexis have a good understanding of the issues facing fast-changing, multiple-site retailers, and this is reflected in their product."

Dave Clauson
Strategic Project Manager
Dollar General

"Reflexis is a great partner. We know we’re getting a dynamic solution that help our store manager navigate the system
for employee maintenance, scheduling, and time and attendance payroll finalization."

Laura McDonald
Director of Workforce Management & Retail Budgets
Toys ‘R’ Us

"We view the Reflexis Task Manager as a tool that helps us achieve better execution. During a recent conference of all TRU store managers, everyone uniformly praised the system as one of the best things Toys R Us has ever done."

Jonathan Mueller
Project Manager
Marks & Spencer

"In my 25 years of IT experience, there is no company that compares to Reflexis in terms of software delivery."

Pat Findlay
Senior Executive of Retail Systems